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PHFI is helping to build institutional and systems capacity in India for strengthening education, training, research and policy development in the area of Public Health.
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The program is carried out by the leading public health institutions in the country:

  • Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI);
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (IIT-Madras);
  • Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS-Mumbai)
  • Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER-Chandigarh);
  • SreeChitraThirunal Institute of Medical Sciences& Technology (SCTIMST-Thiruvananthapuram)

Expected Knowledge Products

The potential knowledge products generated from the program includes reports, policy-briefs, media stories, peer-reviewed journal articles on the following themes:

  1. National Health Accounts (private enterprises, civil society and urban local bodies);
  2. State level health accounts (Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Odisha, Maharashtra, Punjab and Madhya Pradesh);
  3. Disease-specific health accounts (Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Maharashtra and Punjab);
  4. Resource tracking of government health spending in states (Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Odisha, Maharashtra, Punjab and Madhya Pradesh);
  5. Costing of health care services (Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Odisha and Himachal Pradesh);
  6. Quality of care assessment in public health facilities (Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Odisha and Himachal Pradesh);
  7. Process and impact evaluation of health insurance in states (Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Himachal Pradesh).
  8. Digitized Health Financing Database involving budgets of central and state governments spanning 20 years for 30 states (1995-96 to 2015-16).

Potential Outcomes

  1. Institutionalisation of health accounts and resource tracking;
  2. Additional resources mobilised;
  3. Efficient and fair resource reallocation;
  4. Prepayment and risk pooling mechanisms expanded & improved;
  5. Improved governance and transparency in government fund flows.



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