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  • Project Partner in the GOI-MoHFW Program for Developing Paramedical Capacity: The PHFI-HSSU is the project partner on this path-breaking initiative for augmenting the supply of skilled paramedics and promoting quality of care through standardization of paramedic education and curricula across the country. HSSU involved in providing the strategic and operational frameworks for the establishment of a National Institute of Paramedical Services (NIPS) and associated Regional Centers (RIPS) in select states
  • Contributor to the 4th Common Review Mission of the National Rural Health Mission: PHFI-HSSU was a key participant and contributor to the fact finding and review process, the analysis and overall evaluation report writing of the 4th CRM that concluded in January 2011. This involved overall engagement with the Ministry and the National Health System Resource Center
  • Improving Infection Control & Patient Safety:Under the aegis of the Delhi and Andhra Pradesh State Government Ministries of Health and Family Welfare, HSSU organised a hands-on workshop on effective Infection Control practices in ten Delhi and ten Andhra hospitals. Close to 70 senior leaders across the 20 public hospitals were exposed to international tools and techniques in infection management and made to create a measurable annual road map through a participative team-building approach. A 6-month follow up mentoring and handholding programme is currently in progress. The program was delivered by an international faculty from SHARE, BD and national experts. The workshops are part of a larger initiative (talks currently on with other large private and public hospitals and diagnostic manufacturers) to highlight infection control issues under the National Patient Safety Initiative (NIPS) launched by the MoHFW. This is also an attempt to begin structured, measurable, realistic progress in an attempt to reduce Hospital Acquired Infections in India
  • Disaster Management& Preparedness Capacity Building in Hospitals & Communities: HSSU successfully culminated a capacity building initiative with the Aga Khan Foundation hospitals in Mumbai to train the entire senior and middle management, staff and volunteers of over a 1000 people on disaster preparedness and response. Highlights of the project included the establishment of a Hospital Disaster Management Team, the successful completion of a full-scale hospital evacuation drill, fire response coordinated in conjunction with all local stakeholders such as the fire department of Maharashtra, police and the community and finally, the inculcation of the Incident Management System (ICS) as a formal management tool in disasters. Discussions are on with The National Disaster Management Authority to leverage the findings and module curriculum in scaling up efforts to multiple states. Several private sector facilities aspiring for JCI accreditation are also keen to train their staff to international standards of safety and emergency response
  • Operational Turnaround of Hospitals: HSSU worked with the Red Cross Hospital, Delhi in developing recommendations for full-scale hospital rejuvenation. This was submitted to the Hon. Lieutenant Governor of Delhi who also holds the position of chairman of the Board of the Indian Red Cross Society. Plans are underway to provide handholding to the senior management of the hospital in executing the recommended actions over a one year period. The hospital would also be a partner in health system-related research activities
  • Capacity building for Improving Provider Effectiveness and Efficiency: This program covers capacity building sessions on organization climate, leadership, technical skills and program management subjects customized for urban and rural settings, followed by close mentoring on key themes for a one year period. Entire teams of providers including physicians, nurses, planners and decision makers participate in this initiative. Series of workshops are conducted at various facilities on this theme. The program at Delhi (2000 participants) and Assam (1500 participants) are already approved and will be live shortly. The states of Maharashtra and Kerala have included this program in their Annual Plan and are expected to commence training in the latter part of 2011. In the private sector setting, a leadership training was completed and staff is underway with Reliance HN Hospital in Mumbai where the entire staff strength of ~ 800 are expected to be trained in service excellence, leadership expectations and management skills towards building high performing organizations.
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