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A Cluster Randomized Trial of a brief tobacco cessation intervention in low income communities in India PDF Print

There is a continued need to develop and evaluate interventions to promote cessation of tobacco use. In India there is an urgent need for low cost interventions that can be delivered to the 275 million tobacco users.

This study is a community-based cluster randomised trial in tobacco users with two arms. The intervention arm is: brief advice and training in yogic exercises; the control arm is very brief advice simply stressing the importance of stopping tobacco use . Tobacco users will be identified actively by a household survey and offered either YA or VBA. The inclusion criteria will be: 23+ years of age, current self-reported use of any tobacco-containing product and willingness to provide consent.
The participants will be followed up one month and 7 months after the intervention.

The study will be conducted in 28 low income slum areas in India. Each slum area would be considered as a cluster. Fourteen clusters will be randomly allocated to the yogic exercises arm (YA) and fourteen randomly allocated to very brief advice (VBA) arm. Each slum area belongs to either a "Jhuggi-Jhopri" (J.J) (not government sanctioned) category or 'resettlement' (government sanctioned) category. Therefore, within each arm seven clusters will be from JJ slum clusters category and seven from slum resettlement category.
The primary outcome measure will be self report of abstinence for the 6 months preceding 7-month follow up together with a saliva cotinine concentration estimation at that point using an ELISA assay. The findings will be used to inform regional and national policy for tobacco use cessation.

This research is being done as part of a PhD at University College London under the PHFI-UKC Wellcome Trust Capacity Building Programme.


PhD Scholar: Bidyut Sarkar
Supervisors: Prof K Srinath Reddy & Dr Monika Arora (India), Prof Robert West & Dr Lion Shahab (UK)
  Project Duration: 2010 - 2013
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