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Status, gradients and determinants of oral health of adolescents living in the city of New Delhi PDF Print

The overall aim of this research study is to assess whether there is a socioeconomic gradient in oral health status in adolescents, 12-15 years of age in the city of New Delhi, India and to assess the factors influencing this gradient.

Despite recent gains in reducing poverty and a rapidly expanding, upwardly mobile middle class, India remains distinguished by searing inequalities in social class and health. More than 400 million children and adolescents, the most of any country of the world, call India home. There is a clear and wide divide between those who grow up in more affluent homes in India, compared to those who grow up in less privileged contexts, in low income housing and slums. Various studies conducted across the world have reported that children and adolescents belonging to lower socioeconomic groups compared to higher socioeconomic groups have poorer oral health status. Studies conducted in India conversely are inconclusive and provide conflicting evidence. Most of the studies on oral health inequalities in India have stressed socioeconomic status (SES) as an important determinant of oral health. However very few attempts have been made in assessing the role of other psychosocial, behavioural and cultural factors in determining oral health status among different socioeconomic groups in India especially amongst adolescents living in deprived neighbourhoods.

The proposed study aims to address this gap in scientific literature. A cross sectional survey will be conducted with a sample of adolescents living in 3 diverse areas of New Delhi. A clinical examination will assess the oral health status of the sample and a short interview will gather relevant behavioural a

This research is being done as part of a PhD at University College London under the PHFI-UKC Wellcome Trust Capacity Building Programme.

PhD Scholar: Manu Mathur
Supervisors: K. Srinath Reddy (India), Richard Watt & Georgios Tsakos (UK)
  Project Duration: 2009-2012
Last Modified : August 10, 2011, 11:07 am