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The South Asia Network for Chronic Diseases in India (SANCD) is a collaborative venture between the Public Health Foundation of India and constituent colleges of the Wellcome Trust Bloomsbury Centre for Clinical Tropical Medicine. The Network comprises of existing research groups led by Indian and UK investigators in Delhi, Mumbai, Goa, Chennai and Pondicherry as well as partner organizations from Bangladesh - International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research (ICDDR,B) and Pakistan - Aga Khan University.

The mission of the SANCD is to promote and strengthen chronic disease research capacity in South Asia through sharing skills and knowledge between network partners, with the aim of improving the prevention and control of chronic disease in the region.

The objectives of the Network are to : (i) Establish and maintain an infrastructure and capacity of core interdisciplinary scientific staff; (ii) Build on ‘state of the art research’ based on a combination of excellent research methodology, research laboratory services, health databases and research governance; (iii) Conduct translational research, health care evaluation studies, including RCTs, evidence synthesis, health systems and health policy research; (iv) Mentor and provide career structures for researchers at all stages of their careers; (v) Network to facilitate dissemination of best evidence to support health care provision in chronic disease, the setting of priorities and practices for policy makers, practitioners and researchers.

Research at SANCD includes studies in migration, genetic and environmental determinants of obesity and diabetes; systematic reviews and secondary data analysis in chronic disease and studies in nutrition, public health and genetics.

Research studies under this Category:

  1. Genetic and environmental determinatns of obesity and diabetes
  2. Andhra Pradesh children and parent study (APCAPS)
  3. SANCD-ICDDR-B Collaborative project on chronic disease surveillance
  4. National Nutritional Monitoring Bureau (NNMB) Survey with Dry Blood Spot Collection

More information: http://www.sancd.org/ResearchinProgress-7.html

Principal Investigator: Shah Ebrahim
Co – Principal Investigator: K. Srinath Reddy, Vikram Patel
Project Duration: 2009 – 2013
Last Modified : February 2, 2011, 4:29 pm