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Validation of key informant method for identification of children with disabilities PDF Print

This 4 year project (2008-2012) is being implemented by the International Centre for Eye Health, LSHTM. The principal objectives of the study are to validate whether key informants from the community could identify children with disabilities. The study is being conducted in Bangladesh and Pakistan. To validate the Key Informant Method, a population based study on children and young adolescents has recently been completed in Bangladesh.

The Disability Centre is providing technical support for the Project. Data entry modules and data validation and data cleaning are currently being undertaken at the Disability Centre. The Centre also provides support for quality assurance of the Project in Bangladesh. A follow up of all the children identified and provided treatment will be done one year after the intervention. Quality of life of children with disability is also being assessed. The Disability Centre has been involved with this Project since 2010 as the Centre is a collaborative project between the LSHTM and PHFI.

Principal Investigator: G. V. S. Murthy

Project Duration: 2008 – 2012
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