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Economic evaluation of non communicable disease component Tamil Nadu Health Systems Project PDF Print

Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) are emerging in India as a major health issue. Effective interventions for NCD prevention and control are not available. In order to increase the evidence-base for NCD prevention and control in India, the Tamil Nadu Health Systems Project conducted pilot programs in prevention, screening and treatment for hypertension and cancer of cervix in two districts in Tamil Nadu. This study focuses on estimation of programmatic costs related to the two projects and provides estimates of cost per case screened and treated. These estimates could be used towards development of a cost-effectiveness analysis depending on availability of the effectiveness data from the project. The study has calculated economic costs of setting up and running the project within the existing health systems and would be useful for estimating scaling up as well as replication in other settings. The study does not look at costs of setting up existing health infrastructure, but assumes an integrated approach.

The study costed two components of the pilot project: a) Prevention and treatment of hypertension and b) Prevention and treatment of cervical cancer among women in selected districts of Tamil Nadu. Alloted and actual costs were calculated and additional cost ratios have been calculated for both the pilots.

Principal Investigator: Beena Varghese
Project Duration: 2009-2010
Last Modified : February 9, 2011, 6:04 pm