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The Uttar Pradesh Community Mobilization Project

Swasthya Slate (Health Tablet) is a bluetooth-enabled integrated diagnostic kit that works with an android based mobile system, to perform 33 diagnostics tests, and is equipped with various applications that are created strategically to increase access to health care and health education in the country. Through a number of mobile applications, it is able to record a patient's medical history, basic medical indicators and even offer on-the-spot diagnosis on the basis of the information gathered. It offers health communication through its knowledge sharing apps, with an aim to break unhealthy

behaviour patterns. It even covers decision support tools to enable users to deliver quality recommendations for achieving better health, and provides strategic information for data driven policy decisions. Policy Makers can get real time data from portals and enhance data driven policy making. It is an affordable system that has been tested and employed across the world by frontline health workers, doctors and policy makers. It can provide a m e a n s o f delivering a national screening and diagnostic service which can allow targeted health analytics, delivery and communication.

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