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SCCoPE -Strengthening Cessation Capacity of Primary Care Professionals PDF Print

Burden of tobacco consumption poses a serious threat to the health and economy of countries around the world. The heat of this is felt even more in the Low and Middle Income Countries (LMICs). Tobacco use has also been classified under mental and behavioral disorder by the International Classification of Diseases (ICDs). In, India every third adult consumes tobacco. With less than 2% quit rate, the value of tobacco cessation service in India is much undermined and its resultant benefit is yet to be realized. It should be reviewed on priority to deliver tobacco cessation services appropriately and effectively since it is well established that a minimal intervention by a healthcare practitioners can bring an abstinence of about 6 weeks in a tobacco user. It is in response to this serious public health challenge that Strengthening Cessation Capacity of Primary care Professionals (SCCoPE) is launched in collaboration with the Global Bridges consortium where you get all the required information on the tobacco cessation techniques. SCCoPE provides a specially designed training program for the healthcare practitioners to assist their client quit tobacco.

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