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The 53rd Annual Conference of Indian Academy of Pediatrics was held from 21st to 24th January 2016 at Hyderabad International Convention Centre. Nearly 7000 delegates and experts from South – East Asian countries and abroad had participatedin the 4 Day conference to share their knowledgeon infant and neonatal care. The theme for event was “Child Health Priorities in Post MDG world.” The event marked started with a walk on 21st January, to share the importance of healthy living with the school children, followed by a CME for post graduates. The scientific sessions commenced from 22nd Jan.A session on women’s wing was organized on the same to encourage and empower women and encourage their development.

Utilizing this platform to create awareness among the professionals, a stall was organized by the team of IIPH-Hyderabad, working on The Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust to reduce avoidable blindness due to Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP). About 550 health care professionals had visited the stall where they had the opportunity to discuss and learn about the project and activities undertaken to reduce blindness due to ROP. The project staff interacted with these health care providers and gave relevant information. A booklet projecting the present scenario, cases and management of ROP was shared with the delegates. The key messages related to ROP detection and treatment was displayed. A video on the handlingthese children shared by the partners was also shown. A feedback form for pilot testing the content and appearance of the posters was shared with the medical and non medical professionals visiting the stall, approximately 90 forms were received. The participants visiting the stall were encouraged to share their opinion about the disease and a ready reckoner was given to all of them. The team members also encouraged the pediatricians and neonatologists to share their details in order to connect them to the surrounding ophthalmologists.

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