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Release of Certificate Course in Evidence Based Diabetes Management Monitoring Report

The monitoring report of Public Health Foundation of India’s (PHFI) flagship programme ‘Certificate Course in Evidence Based Diabetes Management’ was released by Sir Michael Hirst, President of the World Diabetes Federation (IDF). The report gives an M&E analysis of the course and its impact in a pan-India scenario.

Release of the 5 Years Journey Report of Certificate Course in Evidence Based Diabetes Management

The IDF President Sir Michael Hirst, along with Prof. D Prabhakaran, Vice President Research PHFI, Prof. V Mohan, Chairperson Mohan’s Diabetes Academy, Chennai, Prof. Nikhil Tandon, HoD AIIMS and Dr Sandeep Bhalla, Programme Director, CCCI, PHFI released the 5 years journey report of PHFI’s flagship programme CCEBDM. The Certificate Course in Evidence Based Diabetes Management (CCEBDM), delivered by Public Health Foundation of India and Dr. Mohan’s Diabetes Education Academy, Chennai, is a uniquely designed once-a-month executive training program for primary health care physicians with twelve study Modules spread over 12 months, that apprises physicians with not only the latest developments in the field of diabetes management but also equips them to deal with it more efficiently in their day to day undertakings. Unrestricted educational grant for this capacity building initiative has been provided by MSD Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd, India. The course now in its 5th Cycle, has till date trained over 7500 General Physicians in India, and it currently running in 119 centres in 65 cities covering 19 states and one union territory of India. There are 15 National Experts, 149 Regional Faculty.

Last Modified : December 7, 2015, 5:28 pm