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Post Graduate Diploma in Public Health Nutrition (PGDPHN-DL)

Duration: One Year

Population based approaches have been the mainstay of research in the field of nutrition for decades. However, in an age of growing health consciousness and fitness, public health nutrition (PHN)workforce development is increasingly becoming a global focus. In an effort to provide direction to nutrition research in the country and with the objective of contributing towards training future leaders in the field of nutrition, the Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI) launched a postgraduate diploma in PHN in the year 2010 for the benefit of all stakeholders. The program aims to provide comprehensive training in public health nutrition in a global setting with the choice of specializing in a number of topics and in a range of contexts.

Post Graduate Diploma in Epidemiology (PGDEPI-DL)

Duration: One Year

Epidemiology is a cornerstone discipline in public health. It is the foundation on which public health decisions are made, implemented and evaluated. Epidemiology also serves as the tool for identifying the risks, determining the relationships, estimating the burden of disease, identifying and instituting appropriate prevention and control measures and finally evaluating the public health decisions. This program aims to build a pool of trained public health professionals with a special focus on application of epidemiology in public health.

Post Graduate Diploma in Management of Reproductive and Child Health Programmes (PGDMRCH-DL)

Duration: One Year

Reproductive and Child Health (RCH) remains a major thrust of National Health Mission of India. RCH programmes are also increasing in their complexity due to increased basket of services and increasing resources. There is therefore a growing need for Program managers at state and district Program Management Units to have the requisite knowledge and skills to effectively manage the RCH programmes. This program aims to develop an in-depth understanding of technical and programmatic issues related to reproductive and child health programs. It also intends to strengthen the capacity to plan, manage and monitor RCH programs at the state and district level.

Post Graduate Diploma in Health Economics, Health Care financing and Policy (PGDHEP-DL)

Duration: One Year

PHFI has successfully conducted a nine-month duration on-campus Post Graduate Diploma in Health Economics, Health care Financing and Health Policy (PGDHEP) program for last seven years. The same program is now transformed to distance learning platform to expand the outreach and provide learning opportunities to working professionals. This distance learning program envisioned by PHFI is particularly suited for health care professionals already working with health system and engaged in delivery of health services but have limited access to higher education because of personal or professional reasons. The course is the first of its kind in India premised on the belief that enhanced understanding and knowledge of health economics and its approaches and techniques, health systems research and health policy analysis is pivotal for efficient and effective utilization of resources.

Certificate Course in STI & HIV/AIDS

Duration: Six months

HIV/AIDS poses a huge challenge to the developmental gains achieved in the past few decades. Sexually Transmissible Infections (STIs) and HIV are closely interlinked and therefore, there is a need to develop comprehensive response that deals with all the aspects of STIs and HIV. This calls for the need of skilled human resources working to prevent, control and treat STIs and HIV. The number of skilled professionals needed are large while matching training programs to strengthen the skills are adhoc or inadequate. The Certificate course in STI & HIV/AIDS intends to fill up the existing gap by building capacity of variety of professionals ranging from medical doctors, nurses, counsellors, health educators, trainers, consultants, social workers, program managers, faculty of health-related ins tuition, researchers to policy makers, by providing necessary training to acquire knowledge, skills and attitude for the prevention and control of STI and HIV/AIDS.

Certificate Course on Monitoring and Evaluation of Health Programs

Duration: Six Months

Policymakers, program staff and researchers face many questions related to monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of public health programs in developing countries. M&E skills provide answers to these questions and are crucial to the successful design, implementation, and tracking of program progress and impact of public health programs. The Certificate Course on Monitoring and Evaluation of Health Programs (CCME) aims to strengthen the capacity of public health professionals actively engaged in the health sector. This course is designed for global health professionals to develop core competencies to design and implement M&E activities in both government & non- government sectors.

Certificate Course on GIS Application in Public Health

Duration: Six Months

The complex challenges posed by public health threats demand that public health professionals have a concrete understanding of the relationships among the various factors affecting health. In recent years, public health practitioners have grown increasingly aware of the value Geographic Information Systems (GIS) can add in developing an effective framework for action. This course will provide participants a platform to introduce fundamental concepts of the use of GIS within the public health context and build practical experience in the use of open source GIS software and spatially referenced data for effective program management.

Certificate Course in Managing Human Resources for Health

Course Duration: Six Months

The health workforce is one of the most important factors that determine the reach, quality and effectiveness of a responsive health system. Without a well-managed, efficient and motivated workforce, health service delivery can be greatly hampered, and this underscores the need for improving the management of Human Resources for Health (HRH).Capacity building of health managers for improved human resource management is thus essential for improving performance and delivery of health care services. The certificate course aims at equipping health managers involved in human resource management tasks within the public health system as well as the private sector, with the skills essential to better manage their human resources.

Prospective Distance Learning Programs

  • Certificate Course on Bioethics
  • Public Health Development Program for ICDS Professionals

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