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With the goal to strengthen the health system through academic programs, the institute offers both regular courses and programs in distance learning mode.


Masters in Public Health (MPH) - Course Duration: 2 Years

To meet the shortage of public health professional in India, IIPHG is starting a two-year, full-time MPH program from July 2015. . The program has been designed to meet the unique needs of public health in India and it is sensitive to global influences in the field of public health. The program is structured on a multi-disciplinary curriculum, including public health management, epidemiology and biostatistics, demography, social sciences, health promotion, health economics and policy, and other important disciplines. The program will be delivered using a variety of teaching/learning techniques, including lectures, case discussions, practical exercises, lab work, field visits, seminars, journal clubs, collaborative learning, group discussions, assignments, hands-on training, and practicum courses. At the end of the course the participant will acquire skills to examine and respond to current public health challenges. MPH graduates have bright work prospects to get job with government; NGOs and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) bodies; teaching & research organizations; consultancy agencies; hospitals and other health care institutions; health insurance industry; and UN organizations, like UNICEF, WHO, etc.

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Master of Hospital Administration (MHA)

MHA programme offered by the IIPHG is a two year, full-time programme. The programme is designed to develop professionally trained administrators who can play an effective managerial role and provide leadership in public/private hospitals and healthcare institutions. For achieving its intended objective the programme curriculum is structured on a multi-disciplinary perspectives including general management and hospital management theories and practices. The classes will be delivered using a variety of teaching /learning techniques, including lectures, case discussions, practical exercises, lab-work, hospital visits, seminars, journal clubs, collaborative learning, group discussions, assignments, hands-on training, internship, and dissertation in hospitals.

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Post Graduate Diploma in Public Health Management (PGDPHM) - Course Duration: 1 Year

This one-year, full time course is developed for the Ministry of Health, Government of India under National Rural Health Mission (NRHM). The program started in 2008 and is currently running its 7th batch. A total of 140 participants have successfully completed the course so far. The course is offered in a modular manner requiring eight months institution-based teaching in combination with three months of field based project work, including dissertation writing. The course aims to bridge the gap in public health managerial capacity amongst health professionals in the country. The program is structured on a multi-disciplinary curriculum with a focus on management of public health, biostatistics, demography, epidemiology, social sciences, health communication and promotion, human resource management, finance management, health economics and policy, equity and health management information system. Participants undergoing PGDPHM are required to do a small research project/ internship and submit dissertation/ internship report as part of their academic activity.

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Associate Fellow of Industrial Health (AFIH) (Only for MBBS doctors) - Course Duration: 3 Months

AFIH is a three month full time course regulated by DGFASLI (Director General of Factory Advisory Services & Labour Institutes, Govt. of India). As per Factories Act, this is a mandatory qualification for doctors working in hazardous industry. Other industries also prefer to hire AFIH qualified doctors. IIPHG has started this course in December 2013 with support from NIOH (National Institute of Occupational Health, Ahmedabad, ICMR's apex institute for Occupational Health) and Gujarat Medical Education and Research Society (GMERS) Medical College, SOLA, Ahmedabad. MBBS doctors with a minimum of two year experience after internship can apply for this course. This course covers basics of industrial health, occupational diseases, toxicology, environmental health, ergonomics, labour laws related to health, safety and other related matters. It equips doctors to deal with any occupational health issues in any setting. Second batch of this program is currently underway.

Associate Fellow of Industrial Health(AFIH)

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Distance Learning (e- learning)


Certificate Course in Research Methodology (CRM)


CRM is a six-month distance learning program developed by IIPHG for health, medical and development professionals. The purpose of the program is to build research methodology skills. IIPHG has successfully completed three batches and total of 195 participants, including four international candidates, till date.

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Certificate Course on Managerial Effectiveness for Health Care (CMEHC)


CMEHC is a six-month distance learning program designed to develop operational, management and analytical skills of public health managers. This course is useful to public health managers (both government and non-government) concerned about the efficiency, effectiveness and impact of their work.

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Certificate Programme in Health, Safety and Environment Management (HSE)


HSE is a four-month distance learning course for health, medical, environment, safety and engineering professionals. The aim of this course is to introduce participants to the concepts and components of HSE and understand HSE issues in India and globally. The course is open to any science graduate/diploma holder and is useful to those pursuing studies or work in the areas of industrial safety, environmental science, occupational health, etc.

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Certificate / Post Graduate Diploma in Public Health and Hospital Management for Nursing and Allied Health Profession


This course is offered either as a Certificate Program (six-month course) or as a Post-Graduate Diploma Program (twelve-month course). The objective of this certificate and diploma course is to provide an opportunity to students and in-service nursing and allied health professionals in public and private bodies to upgrade their knowledge and skills in basic disciplines of public health responding to the changing health needs of the society.

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Upcoming Distance Learning Programs

Course/Program Title


Certificate Course on Effective Grant writing in Public Health

3 months

Certificate Course in Orientation to Public Health for Medical Undergraduates Students

3 months

Certificate Program in SPSS

3 months

Leadership Program for Medical Officer to improve PHC performance

6 months

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