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Senior Research Fellow (Genetics)

Gagandeep waliaGagandeep Kaur Walia is working as a SRF in Genetic Epidemiology in SANCD, where she is involved in various projects focusing on genetic determinants of cardio-metabolic disorders and is responsible for their conception, implementation and management. She has also been extensively involved in the management of a trans-generational epidemiological cohort based in South India. She is well skilled with the molecular genetics methods and techniques and is also trained for epigenetic laboratory techniques. Thus, she is also managing the genetic and epigenetic analysis of the biological samples in the Genetics and Biochemical Laboratory (GBL) belonging to different projects of SANCD.

Dr. Walia is Biological Anthropologist by training and worked on genetics of pregnancy complications, with special reference to recurrent pregnancy loss, during her doctoral work. She has experience in conducting both hospital and population based field works involved in genetic epidemiology and population genetics. She is well versed with techniques and strategies involved in field work concerning rapport establishment, subjects recruitment, collection of demographic and clinical data, biological sample collection, etc. She won the ‘Gold Medal’ during her master’s degree and was also awarded ‘UGC meritorious research fellowship’ during her PhD from November 2008 to January 2010.

Areas of interest :

Genetic and Epigenetic Epidemiology, Molecular Anthropology and Human Population Genetics


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