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Senior Research Scientist

G. Anil Kumar holds PhD in Demography from the University of Kerala, India and has training in biostatistics. Dr. Kumar has been involved in several major epidemiology studies on HIV/AIDS, injuries, mortality, and maternal and child health, and in health system research for over a decade. He has extensive skills in quantitative analytical methods. Dr. Kumar has successfully developed a data management system to create and manage databases for large-scale studies. He directs the data across the research studies and oversees its validation. Dr. Kumar’s current interests are to contribute to research on subnational disease burden and health systems in India.

He has nearly 50 publications in peer-reviewed international and national journals. Dr. Kumar has been a co-investigator on grants from the Wellcome Trust, UK and the National Institutes of Health, USA. Dr. Kumar was awarded the Endeavour Research Fellowship from the Government of Australia in 2009.He has trained several data management staff and research fellows in statistical techniques, and database creation and management.

Prior to joining PHFI, he was with the George Institute for International Health – India, Hyderabad, and has also worked at Administrative Staff College of India in Hyderabad and Mahatma Gandhi Medical College in Pondicherry. Dr. Kumar was also involved in research on strengthening the implementation of Reproductive and Child Health programme in the state of Kerala.


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